Model TLS: Triple Loop Configuration


  • Frequencies up to 25 GHz

  • 100 kHz step resolution (typical)

  • Excellent phase noise

  • Excellent spectral purity

  • Parallel or serial RS485 frequency control

  • Internal or external frequency reference

  • Small size

  • Low cost




The TLS is an advanced frequency synthesizer design using a unique triple loop architecture in a miniature low profile package that offers either a serial RS485 or parallel frequency control.

This unit is ideal for applications requiring more demanding phase noise, spectral purity and resolution requirements then are offered by a single phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer configuration.

These units are easily customized to specific requirements and offer a great performance to cost factor.

Block Diagram


Model TLS Key Specifications

Output Frequency:
up to 12.5 GHz fundamental
and to 25 GHz with X2 multiplier
Output Resolution: 100 kHz
Spurious: -60 dBc
Harmonics (typical): -20 dBc
Output Power (min.): +13 dBm
Output Power Variation: 3 dB
External Reference: 10 MHz (typical) 0 dBm 3 dB
/or Internal Reference: 0.5 PPM (-10C to +70C)

Frequency Control:


Parallel BCD Coded CMOS Input

or Serial RS485

Alarm: Open Collector (high=lock)

Power Requirements:


+5.2 Vdc (min.)

+15.0 Vdc (min.)

Size: 6.50" x 4.10" x 0.60"


Samples of Specific Product Data Sheets

    500 to 3150 MHz in 100 kHz steps

     Model: TLS05003150/100K

    8000 to 12000 MHz in 100 kHz steps

     Model: TLS800012000/100K