Model TLSD: C, S, X & Ku Band Synthesizer


  • Frequencies up to 25 GHz

  • Low phase noise, low microphonics and no phase hits (over temperature)

  • Low spurious

  • All standard interface options selectable within the unit (RS232, RS422, RS485)

  • Multi drop bus configurations

  • Reference Frequency: 1, 5, 10, or 20 MHz or Internal ref (0.5 PPM)

  • Rugged EMI shielded enclosure




This frequency synthesizer is designed for sensitive converter applications.  The TLSD synthesizers operate from 1 to 12.5 GHz (in bands) and can cover in excess of octave bandwidths. The spectral quality is excellent, typically better than -90 dBc/Hz at X-band @10 kHz off the carrier.

This design is extremely flexible, providing customer selectable interfaces of RS232, RS422 and RS485.  There is also a provision for multiple units on one buss.  Operating several units within one draw is possible because the unit offers a multi-drop bus configuration.  The units are housed in an EMI enclosure with filtered connectors for minimum radiation and interference.

This low cost frequency synthesizer offers high performance in a unit with proven quality and reliability.

Block Diagram




Model TLSD Key Specifications

Output Frequency:


up to 12.5 GHz fundamental

and to 25 GHz with X2 multiplier

Output Resolution: 100 kHz
Spurious: -60 dBc
Harmonics (typical): -20 dBc
Output Power (min.): +13 dBm
Output Power Variation: 3 dB
External Reference: 10 MHz (typical) 0 dBm 3 dB
or Internal Reference: 0.5 PPM (-10C to +70C)

Frequency Control:


RS-232, RS422 AND RS-485
(Selectable in unit)

Alarm: Open Collector or TTL
EMI (typical): -90 dBm

Power Requirements:


+5.2 Vdc (min.)

+15.0 Vdc (min.)

Size: 6.80" x 4.40" x 0.80"

Samples of Specific Product Data Sheets

    6.78 to 7.88 GHz in 100 kHz steps

       Model: TLSD67807880/100K

    8.0 to 12.5 GHz in 100 kHz steps

      Model: TLSD800012500/100K

    17.48 to 19.00 GHz in 100 kHz steps

      Model: TLSD1748019000/100K

Interface Definition