Company Profile

Starting in 1980, our focus has been the design development and manufacture of high performance frequency synthesizers, phase-locked oscillators and complex assemblies that incorporate these components.

We have a highly experienced and seasoned team of dedicated engineers and technicians monitoring every phase of product design, manufacturing and test.  Our products that are of the highest reliability offered at a superior value.


General Information

Quality Assurance

At Luff our policy and passion is to provide products that are of the highest quality.  We strive to produce products that meet specification and function reliably throughout their expected life.

All of our processes are continuously tested through the manufacturing cycle for performance and for possible latent problems.  This ensures that the equipment we deliver is of exceptional quality.

We pride ourselves on our customer support.  When you contact Luff, you will always deal with a senior engineer who is a specialist in frequency sources and is happy to assist you in the implementation of a best solution for a given problem.

For more information about our Quality Control please look at our Quality Assurance Program page. 


Application Support

Frequency sources generally are customized and optimized components.  Luff Research’s dedicated senior design engineers are available to provide technical support to assist in specifying the appropriate frequency source for a given requirement.

 Contact:                             Richard Scheer

                                             Tel: (516) 358-2880

                                             Fax: (516) 358-2757

                                             Email: rich@luffresearch.com

Ordering Information

To obtain a quotation, place an order, or get additional information, please contact the factory directly or one of our sales representatives.  Our quotations generally go out within 48 hours.


Contact us direct:              Luff Research, Inc.

                                             20 N. Tyson Avenue

                                             Floral Park, NY 11001-1514

                                             Tel: (516) 358-2880

                                             Fax: (516) 358-2757

                                             Email: sales@luffresearch.com

 For a list of our current reps in your area, please visit our website at www.luffresearch.com


Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms of sale are outlined in the “General Policy and Terms of Sale”.



Each product manufactured by Luff Research Inc. is thoroughly tested and inspected, and is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty applies for two years from date of original delivery.  Luff will perform all appropriate repairs during the warranty period, provided the parts are returned by buyer to Luff Research, and have not been subject to misuse.  No other warranty is expressed or implied.  We are not liable for any consequential damage.